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Welcome to the B2B Exchange! This unique business-to-business format brings new opportunities to producers and suppliers of concrete masonry and hardscape products and services.  With high impact one-on-one discussions in reserved hotel rooms or suites, participants can meet with company decision makers in prescheduled meetings that are 25 minutes long.

*Platinum and Gold sponsors get priority scheduling.


August – October:
Producer(Attendees) and Associate (Host) are invited to participate in the B2B Exchange. Attendees can register here until October 15, 2016.

September – November:
Hosts commit to participating in B2B suites. Hosts Team registration begins September 1, 2016 until October 1, 2016

Early November:
Attendees and Hosts submit ranking forms to select who they would like to have meetings with during the B2B Exchange.

NCMA collates ranking and schedules meeting assignments for Attendees and Hosts.

Early NCMA_092January:
NCMA sends B2B participants their meetings schedules for B2B. Between January and ICON-Xchange, participants can establish agendas for their individualized meetings and reach out to participants to tailor their meetings to be most productive.

This scheduling process allows attendees to lead their conference experience, making the conference as concentrated and tailored to each attendee as possible!