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B2B Kickoff Breakfast

Join B2B Exchange participants for a welcome breakfast to kickoff ICON-Xchange 2019. Highlighting the morning breakfast will be speaker Dr. Adam Rapp, Professor of
Sales at Ohio University and Executive Director of the Schey Sales Centre. Dr. Rapp will discuss the importance of practicing effective time management skills which helps
managers establish better resource allocation processes and cultivate strong overarching goals.

This session will specifically spotlight internal factors, rather than external factors like technology, time inhibitors and interruptions. External factors are outside forces that we don’t have control over, while internal factors are things that we can control. We choose how we perform in each of these areas. It’s up to us to change our behavior to move forward and become better time managers. Rather than point fingers at those around us, this session will highlight what we can do with the things that are in our control.

Make your plans to join us and register today!